Japanese Drag Kim K Over Kimono Shapewear Name

June 27th, 2019 By HG 0

Kim Kardashian, the reality television star and social media influencer, has been accused of cultural appropriation after launching a new line of shapewear products under the name Kimono Solutionwear.

“Please respect our culture.” Japanese Folks tell Mrs. West ✊🏼🇯🇵✊🏼 while responding to #KimOhNogoes which went viral after she announced her new shapewear line which left Japanese people highly offended.

A kimono is a traditional Japanese garment which became popular during the nation’s Heian era (794-1192). The T-shaped garment is often worn on special cultural and social occasions including weddings, funerals and coming-of-age rites, and it remains a significant cultural symbol in Japan.