Top Tips For Surviving Festival Season

May 7th, 2019 By HG 0

Festival season has kicked off with some of your favorite festival concerts like Coachella and Broccoli City that just past and of course, the upcoming ones we still have to prepare for.

Attending a festival can be an epic experience if you’re well prepared — to bear the long hours, harsh weather conditions and let’s not forget the insane hunt to find a charging port for your dying phone. So, how do prepare yourself for these all-day festivals? We’ve got you covered with a survival guide to make sure your selfies are Instagram worthy and your festival experience is unforgettable.

  • Pick the ‘Right’ Festival — First things first, you have to choose the festival that’s right for you. Start your research with some of your favorite artists you’d love to see perform live. Make sure your crew’s music taste aligns with your own, the worst case scenario would be attending a concert pretending to sing songs you never heard of.
  • Picking Your Squad — No festival is complete without your day ones. Leave the drama at home and link with friends you know are drama- free and will guarantee a good time. This includes instilling safety measures with your squad by sticking together and creating an emergency group chat in case of separation.
  • The Right Fit — No festival is complete without the ‘perfect’ outfit. Shops like Forever 21, Fashion Nova and others have added a ‘festival section’ to their brands to guarantee you look the part without trying to hard. Don’t forget a comfortable pair of shoes and you’re good to go.
  • Back Up Battery — Having a dead phone is the worst possible thing during a festival. Make sure you carry a fully charged portable battery. It’s convenient and will save you the time from searching for a non-existent outlet that’s rarely accessible at outside festivals.
  • Stay Hydrated — Water, water and more water. We cannot stress this enough. Festival’s are fun and filled with a lot of dancing and walking, and staying hydrated is essential to survival. We don’t need anyone being wheeled out on a stretcher due to dehydration.
  • Plan Your Escape Route — If you’ve been to a festival, then you know the worst part of the experience is leaving. Not because the concert is over but because it takes almost 2-3 hours just to successfully leave the stadium. So plan ahead to leave early.
  • Now that we’ve gotten you all the way together for your next festival — lets us know which festivals you’ll be attending with these upcoming festival concerts.