Cardi B Welcomes Vibe Into Her Grandma’s Wash Heights Apartment

November 15th, 2016 By HG 0


Cardi B is one down to earth chick if we’ve ever seen one and this new cover story with Vibe Viva further solidifies this.

Cardi’s entire spread was shot in her “happy place” which happens to be her grandma’s apartment in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City.

Check out some highlights from the interview

Did you ever imagine turning into a celebrity?

Nah. I never thought I was going to be popular, I never thought I was going to be famous. That sh*t went out the door for me when I realized I’d be stripping for a living.

So, then, how did it all really happen? You started to strip and then one day you just got on Instagram and started to talk sh*t?

[Laughs] Well, yeah. The sh*t that I talk is the same sh*t that I talk at work with everybody. The sh*t that you see on Instagram is really how I am. Probably you don’t see everything of it, but this is really who I am. This is really how I act. This is how I really live.

There’s a stigma attached to reality television. Why do you think people who love you aren’t really all that bothered with you doing reality television?

Because I feel like real people see me and who I am and think, “Why not?” If I got that opportunity, why not? Why would I turn it down? You thought I was going to stay in the strip club forever?

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