Toxic “Lake” Becomes Hot Spot For Instagrammers

July 18th, 2019 By HG 0

A beautiful fake blue lake in Russia has got folks risking their health and life just to take a fire Instagram picture.

While Instagrammers are flocking to get their perfect photos, Government officials say the man made lake’s unique blue hue water is the result of dumping from a nearby coal plant and this water is saturated with heavy metals (and) harmful substances.

The “lake” known as “Siberian Maldives” is owned by a coal-fired power plant which rejects the ashes of the material in the TOXIC water which turns in this surreal color, because of the presence of metal oxide and calcium salts and because the bottom of the lake is so muddy that it may be impossible to get out.

The plant last month called on visitors to the site not to drink the water, not to swim in it or even to get in contact with it. However, the plant has refuted the risk of radiation.