WATCH: J. Cole Disses Kanye West + Wale In New Song ‘False Prophets’?

December 2nd, 2016 By HG 0

J. Cole appears to have dissed Kanye West and Wale in his new song ‘False Prophets’.

“Ego in charge of every move, he’s a star/ And we can’t look away due to the days when he caught our hearts,” raps Cole.

“He’s falling apart but we deny it/ Just to find the half-assed sh*t he drop, we always buy it.”

He continues: “When he tell us he a genius but it’s clearer lately/ It’s been hard for him to look into the mirror lately. There was a time when this n*gga was my hero maybe. That’s why his fall from grace is hard to take/ Cause I believed him when he said his sh*t was purer.”

He also appears to take shots at Wale: I got a homie, he a rapper and he wanna win bad/He want the fame, the acclaim, the respect that’s been had/

By all the legends, so every time I see him, he stressin’/Talkin’ ’bout, ni**as don’t f*ck with him, the shit is depressin’,” spits Cole.

The North Carolina rapper also said, “And I know he so bitter he can’t see his own blessings/Goddamn, ni**a, you too blind to see you got fans, ni**a.”